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Interiors in Essex from Saxton Interiors

Saxton Interiors is your Essex-based interior design and exterior design and implementation partner of choice when it comes to fitting, designing, and most importantly, maximising the potential of your living spaces.

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Brief | Direction

Each an every project starts with a brief, here we gain an understanding of what style and direction you want the design to go in, ironing out all the necessity’s for the project.

Loft Conversion - Saxton Construction 3

Design Concept

Research and development of the Design Brief.

Mood boarding images based on the Brief.

Initial concept designs begin being formed based upon the aforementioned brief.

Variations of the design are brought to the table ready for discussion.

Final concept design is chosen ready for the project to get underway.

Full transparency provided regarding timeframes and costings. 

Design In Detail

Further development of concept design is considered, cementing such things as paint, finish, fittings, furniture etc…

Bespoke plans are provided, outlining the complete design.

Swatches and samples provided for more clarity.

Bespoke creation where necessary. 

Complete process is underway with communication between designer, project manager and yourself.

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Sourcing Of Design

Upon agreeing the detailed design we deliver an itemised list of all everything needed in the project including bespoke services.

Further discussion takes place to ensure all parties are happy.

Attainment of items from the sourcing list.

Stress alleviation as we discuss everything with suppliers for smooth delivery.

Implementation of Design

The project begins to breath life as start with the development of the Final design.

Working closely with all parties so nothing get’s lost in translation.

Regular meetings with yourself to ensure no stone is left unturned. 

Project management from start to finish to cement conceptualised design is brought to life. 

Interiors 9


Once the core project is complete and the building works are finalised we begin our final touches through bespoke styling.

Our Awards

Take a look at the awards we have won over the years.

Winners of the famous 2020 Kitchen Designers award.

Winners of the famous 2020 Kitchen Designers award.

Looking to start your own project?

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